Working Pantries

Are you dreaming about a butler's pantry in your future home? Maybe you moved into a home that ...

Other names for a working pantry:

  • Appliance pantry
  • Back kitchen
  • Baking pantry
  • Basement kitchen
  • Butler’s pantry
  • Butler’s pantry scullery
  • Canning kitchen
  • Chef’s kitchen
  • Closed kitchen
  • Dish Pantry
  • Dirty kitchen
  • Hidden kitchen
  • Hidden pantry
  • Hidden scullery
  • Messy kitchen
  • Multifunction pantry
  • Multifunction scullery
  • Prep kitchen
  • Scullery
  • Second kitchen
  • Self-serve bar
  • Servery
  • Side room
  • Summer kitchen
  • Support room
  • Walk-in larder
  • Walk-in scullery
  • What is a working pantry?

    The hottest trend in kitchen design are working pantries. Unlike a food pantry that is strictly for food storage, a working pantry is designed to incorporate one or more activities.

    Working pantries are often some version of a smaller, miniature kitchen. They can contain a second sink and dishwasher for clean up, or they can function as a food prepping or baking area. The goal of a working pantry is to remove some duties from the main kitchen. This leaves the main room as a socializing area, apart from the messier food prep and clean up activities.

    Ultimately, occupants want their beautiful trophy kitchen to shine and not be cluttered with dishes. Ironically, it is the open concept design trend that is credited for the current demand of working pantries. Homeowners grew tired of the burden of trying to keep their kitchen in perfect order all the time, with no closed doors to hide the mess.

    It may never be possible to come up with the perfect term for hybrid, working pantries, since there are so many variations of them. At Everything Pantry, we are keeping a close eye on this exciting and expanding trend in kitchen design!

    Working Pantries

    Working Pantries

    Working Pantries

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