If you're having a difficult time trying to visualize pantry dimensions for walk-in pantries, have a look at these aerial views.

For maximum mobility, a person needs 3 square feet to pivot and reach things. Most users can walk down a three foot aisle, but can they bend, turn, reach, and carry groceries?

  • A width of 42"-48" is preferred for range of motion activities.
  • Recommended clearances increase for wheelchair accessibility.
  • The larger the pantry, the more floor space is wasted. Shelf depth is 12" - varying shelf depth can increase or decrease floor space.

The floor plans below illustrate common pantry sizes and visual comparisons of size. One floor tile equals 1 square foot. The model in the plans are closely based on the average female measurements in the United States. If you are curious about the most common pantry sizes, visit "Is a Walk-in Pantry in Your Future?" for a list of popular sizes for walk-in pantries.

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As a rule, when a "square" pantry increases in size, more floor space is wasted. However, by staying with minimal clearances, wasted space can be reduced.

4 to 6 foot width pantry sizes

Coming soon! Floor plan illustrations of 10' x 10' rooms and larger, including refrigerators and freezers in pantry room spaces.

Scale: One square represents 1 square foot. Female model is based on the average woman size in the United States. According to Healthline, the average woman weighs 170 pounds, dress size is 18-20. 

Reference: Human Dimensions & Interior Space, a Source Book of Design Reference Standards. Julius Panero, AIA, ASID
and Martin Zelnik, AIA, ASID. Copyright © 1979. Although this book has not been updated since 1979, it is a perennial classic for design students everywhere and contains valuable information about range of motion activities and recommended clearances.

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