Pantry Shelving Ideas – Grid Style

Are you cruising around the Internet looking for pantry shelving ideas? There's one pantry shelving idea that needs its own spotlight: grid shelves.

Grid pantry shelving (and I'm making that name up) is evenly spaced squares or rectangle "grids" within a pantry wall or room. The aesthetic is quite pleasing. Any pantry decor enthusiast can be tickled to move items around on shelves until perfection is reached.

Pantry baskets can be strategically placed to fill a row, giving the impression of order. Grid pantries often become "show" or "display" spots in the kitchen. It may be a little maddening to keep objects centered in a square, but the results are striking if you want to use dishware to make a design statement.

Of course, working pantries are practical, and rigid order is not. Choose wisely when leaning towards a grid-style pantry choice. Immovable and inflexible spaces may ultimately have you regretting a grid pantry for everyday use.

This pantry grid features adjustable shelving to the left and right - a great mix of order and flexibility.

Pantry baskets and grid shelving are a match made in heaven.

This grid pantry was a great solution for shallow pantry space, as well as upping the decor appeal.

A practical everyday grid pantry in use.

Uniformity of grid-style shelving is pleasing to the eye.

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Renee Matt

Renee is a former kitchen designer, home remodeling enthusiast (having lived through several DIY projects), and an Iowa farmwife. Renee is passionate about preparedness, garden skills, and knowing where her food comes from. Years of being a stay-at-home mom and supporting the family farm with hearty meals has been key to Renee's pantry readiness. She uses her professional IT background and expertise to bring the Everything Pantry website to life.

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