Pantry Countertop Ideas

Who couldn't use a little drop spot in the pantry to set things down? A countertop in the pantry can aid with putting groceries away, provide a home to a small appliance, or even be big enough for a task center.

Whether you're looking for wood countertop ideas, butcher block, antique, or modern, find a pantry countertop idea here. With this inspiration feel confident that you can transform your next pantry into a more helpful storage and workspace!

A wood counter in the pantry makes the room feel like less of a storage room, and instead, a mini workroom. This one has squeezed in a bake center with stand mixer and microwave.

This fine pantry is part display and part practical storage. The builder did a nice job transitioning from shelves to a flat surface area. Note the accent lights that shine down on the shelf contents.

Pantry counters are often not that deep, that's what gives them a little extra charm - they have a special little custom feel going on. 

A striking marble countertop adds an additional texture interest to this pantry.

Although it looks like only trays and platters would shuffle along this narrow counter, the ability to set something briefly down is invaluable.

Note the notched pantry countertop in this photo. There are no countertop rules when it comes to pantries. The narrower counter extends over a more shallow set of shelves, making it easier to retrieve items.

"Keep it simple!" I can hear the pantry owner's directive. And simple it is. Just note that there will not be much storage in a pull-out drawer or cabinet of this depth.

Beautiful wood counters compliment cream-colored pantry shelves.

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Renee is a former kitchen designer, home remodeling enthusiast (having lived through several DIY projects), and an Iowa farmwife. Renee is passionate about preparedness, garden skills, and knowing where her food comes from. Years of being a stay-at-home mom and supporting the family farm with hearty meals has been key to Renee's pantry readiness. She uses her professional IT background and expertise to bring the Everything Pantry website to life.

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