Pantry Cabinets, Countertops, Doors & Shelving

Pantry cabinets can get as fancy as you need them to be. Watch out - there can be ...

Pantry cabinets, doors, and shelving are the basic foundation of pantry design. Learn more about these components and they part they play in efficient and beautiful pantries.

Pantry Cabinets

Pantry cabinets come in every size, shape and form. Although utilitarian in nature, they serve a decorative purpose, too. You'll find cabinet makers incorporating resourceful storage into pantry cabinets that morph into even more secret doors and shelves.

Discover pantry cabinets that can fulfill your food storage (and decorative!) needs.

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Pantry Doors

Pantry doors are the crown jewel of a kitchen. A door can subtly hint of the contents within, or boldly proclaim the words "PANTRY" across the front. A door is an opportunity to make a statement or tie in a design theme. It can be cute, classic, or clever. The door can be created by an artisan or a fun, do-it-yourself transformation. Don't miss your chance to complete your pantry with a door worth talking about!

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Pantry Shelving

A high-functioning pantry starts with a rock-solid shelving plan. Find out about the pros and cons of wire and wood shelving. Is a closet pantry system right for you? Maybe you want to tackle a do-it-yourself install or paint pantry shelves for a fresh look. Make an investment in good shelving and be rewarded with many years of future service.

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