8 Best Ways to Mouse-Proof Your Pantry

mouse proof pantry 1

Mice in the pantry? I get it, you want to get RID of those pests. Mouse-proofing the pantry is an all-house effort. I’ve got you covered for all aspects to keep mice out of your pantry. If you’ve ever seen the 1997 movie “Mousehunt” – we’re all on the same page here. We are going to do anything it … Read more

Lunchable Trivia

lunchable questions

In the post, Are Lunchables Safe to Eat? food safety questions were answered. Now we get to the real fun, those burning questions that make great discussion at family dinners. With no further ado, here are the answers to your most pressing Lunchable questions. When did Lunchables stop using Oreos? Lacking a press release, there seems to … Read more

Using Other Cleaning Products in a Dishwasher

alternative dishwasher cleaning products

There are several reasons a consumer would need to use a dishwashing detergent alternative. Mold, mildew, and smell are some reasons that demand different cleaning strategies. Battling hard water is another one. Then there is the scenario of just plain accidentally running out of detergent. What’s a person to do then? No worries, several options … Read more

What Foods Are Better Stale?

foods that taste better stale

It might be difficult to understand why anyone would have a conversation about good-tasting stale food, me included. In the interest of respecting everyone’s point of view, we are going to talk about why foods taste better stale. Everyone’s taste buds are different. Remember Covid-19 when some of us lost our taste? That was a … Read more