Orange Themed Parties are Great Fun!

Never been to an "Orange Party?" Boy, are you in for FUN!

Orange parties are good clean fun for any age group. They work especially great for kids and teens that can be hard to impress. It's an easy ask to involve them - you can even have kids take charge of the party. Come along with me and find out everything you need to throw a wildly successful Orange Party.

Where did the idea of orange theme parties start from?

Honestly, I can't tell you who thought of this idea. It might even have been the brain-child of a very creative high school friend. Her mom was my kindergarten teacher, so you can get a hint where her fun ideas came from.

Lately, there has been a trend in cruise ship orange parties. The Holland America cruise ship line connects the on-board celebration as part of King's Day. "King’s Day is known for being a celebration of the color orange in Holland in honor of the House of Orange-Nassau."

Orange Party Invitation

I am coming back with photos for this section, I think I still have the invite from my high school Orange Party.

Basically, tell your guests that they are invited to an Orange Party, and that each guest needs to bring Orange Food.

orange theme party invitation

Orange party decorations

It's not hard to decorate for an Orange Party. You may even have some miscellaneous things around the house.

What snacks are orange?

The fun idea with the Orange Party menu is that it is not a clear menu. Let your guests know that they should bring some type of orange food to the party.

There is a chance with such an unrelated menu, that people could feel a little queasy combining foods. Make sure you have some type of sandwich so its not all candy and sweets. 

orange food and party decorations

The thing is that the host doesn't know what to expect either for food. It's a roaring good time to see how creative your guests can be with food choices!

Seriously, I could go on all day here... I think you have the picture.

Clothes to wear to an orange party

An Orange Party is not complete without proper orange attire. Dig into your closet or head over to any thrift store to find the most loud and obnoxious orange theme party outfit you can! Note: bonus points for orange striped pants or orange suit coat.

Don't forget accessories like orange life jackets, bold orange scarfs, big orange dangly earrings/bangles/necklaces, orange socks, orange shoes, and orange handbags.

Go big and orange, or go home!

wearing orange clothes at an orange party

The wackier the better for orange attire at an Orange Party.

What else happens at an Orange Party?

Basically, everyone just hangs out and has fun. You could have prizes for best outfit and best food. Play some tunes or favorite party games. You could always Google some songs with the words "Orange" in like:

Of course, there is a whole slew of kids songs on the color orange. Bask in the goofiness and enjoy!

Feeling the fun yet?

I look back on fond memories to the goofy Orange Party I attended in high school. There is so much opportunity here. Orange isn't your thing? How about purple, green, red, or pink? 

Personally, I would go with the color with the best food options!

Have a blast at your orange party!

About the author 

Renee Matt

Renee is an Iowa farmwife with a background as a former kitchen designer. Supporting the family farm with hearty meals has been key to Renee's pantry readiness. She uses her professional IT background and expertise to bring the Everything Pantry website to life. Read more about this farmwife on her about page.

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