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No pantry space is frustrating! It's sort of a basic need, in my opinion. The no pantry space issue seems to plague small kitchens and apartments the most. The good news is that there are not only lots of spots to tuck in a pantry, they are clever and cute, too!

This article is heavy on "found space" - adding a pantry in an unlikely space where one didn't exist before. Like it's cousin, "shallow pantries" - found space pantries are resourceful. After all, you, in it's most minimalist form, you only have to fit one jar of anything on a skinny shelf.

Many of these examples would also fit in the shallow pantry solution section. These examples just are a bit more resourceful in finding space. Let's get to it and explore the world of finding pantry space when you have none!

For fast, everyday ideas you can implement now to find pantry space, visit No Pantry Space? Let's Find Some!

Aren't these pantries pretty? This narrow pantry uses shelves mounted on walls on one side, and L-shaped storage on the left that is recessed into the wall.  The trim finish helps a great deal to make if feel custom and intended.

This cheerful pantry space found what looks like 8" of wall space - if they can do it, you can, too! Even though the countertop is not very deep, I suspect it is very valuable. The open bottom shelving creates a home for all kinds of dishware.

What life would this  corner have had previously? It was probably just going to waste, until some clever pantry owner turned it into an L-shaped pantry, complete with a desk. 

This is where the magic happens. I love the pull out storage that masquerades as decorative columns. I hope this gets you thinking out of the box!

This popular "end of cabinets" solution is also shown on the shallow pantry page. It's such a smart pantry idea that I have to spread it around!

Another sliver of space turned into pantry storage. It's a nice touch to extend the low pantry counter over the radiator that sits under the window. Good designers blend whenever they can - it's the best way to minimize room obstacles.

Another example of skinny storage that looks like its a column. This one uses the same hardware as the rest of the cabinets, even though it is a "column." I'm sure the practicality of having a good, strong handle is welcome!

Where there is space, there can be a pantry cabinet. This type of narrow cabinet works best if it isn't too deep. The twin doors gracing each side of the central door gives the space a unique, custom design feel.

Oh my, these skinny columns are popular! I draw your attention to the fact that one column is a pull out, and the other opens up to reveal a wide storage access. It also looks like this refrigerator spot may have been added, since the cabinets don't exactly match the rest of the kitchen.

Non-matching cabinets can complement each other and are good solutions in partial remodels.

A close-up of the same side-refrigerator cabinet in better lighting.

I just love the detail of beautiful trim work in this wall pantry. Notice the ever-so-slight bump out that stretches the shallow space even more. The skilled carpenter even incorporated the heat register in the bottom baseboard AND worked the trim work around a notch in the wall - double points!

This pantry space is simple a wall unit attached to a spot of wall to a back door coming into the house. This just proves that pantry space can be found anywhere.

Another instance of pantry space found on a wall. There is still room for the other activities in the space.

As awesome and inspirational as these pictures are, it takes time and money to build these projects. For fast, everyday ideas you can implement now to find pantry space, visit No Pantry Space? Let's Find Some!

About the author 

Renee Matt

Renee is an Iowa farmwife with a background as a former kitchen designer. Supporting the family farm with hearty meals has been key to Renee's pantry readiness. She uses her professional IT background and expertise to bring the Everything Pantry website to life. Read more about this farmwife on her about page.

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