Make a Vintage Pantry Screen Door With Storage

This vintage screen door project is actually a shallow storage “box.” By building a frame with 2x4s and attaching it to the door frame, the screen door opens to access the faux storage. Simply hang the whole works on a wall. You have instant storage and instant charm in your farmhouse style kitchen.

This is one of the few articles I resurrected from the original website. It was such a clever idea that it is still worth sharing. My thanks to Rebecca, who gifted the article on a free article website years ago. Enjoy! – Renée

This simple vintage pantry screen door is a great way to add some stylish storage to your home kitchen. If you have some open wall space, but are lacking in affordable kitchen pantry storage, then check out this fun vintage cabinet.

The vintage look is timeless and well suited for many different styles. The added bonus is the extra storage this simple wood working project will add to your home kitchen!

You can make this simple vintage pantry screen door for about $100 or less, depending on how much you end up paying for supplies.

To make a pantry screen door with kitchen storage, you will need:




Power drill

Drill bits



Wood screen door

Picture hanging hooks (optional)

Paint brushes (in a variety of sizes)

Magnetic door hook

Piano hinge

red pantry screen door

A charming red screen door.

The first step is to measure your vintage screen door. Measure how wide and tall it is.

Use your 2X4’s to build a frame the exact same size. Use your wood screws to screw the pieces of 2X4’s together like a box frame. Predrill the holes for the screws with your power drill to keep the wood from splitting. Use 2X6’s for a deeper pantry.

Now, cut your plywood to the same size as your vintage screen door.

Screw the plywood onto the back of the wood frame you built. You can do this step by predrilling holes through the plywood and into the 2X4″ frame. Insert your screws to secure the plywood to the frame.

Install one to five shelves between the tops and bottom of the screen door. Simply cut a 2X4 to fit inside the vintage screen door. You can screw it into place from the back.

Now, attach the vintage screen door to the front of the box. Do this by installing a piano hinge on the left side of the frame. Attach one side to the frame you built and one side of the hinge to the vintage screen door.

On the right side install your magnetic door hook. You could also use a hook and eye hook like you used to find on old screen doors.

Flip the vintage screen door box face down. Pre drill holes on the back of the box. This will allow you to hang the storage cabinet.

Flip the box back over and lay it on it’s back on a flat work surface. Lightly sand any areas needed on the wooden screen kitchen pantry door.

Finally, wipe away any dust and prime the wood with a primer before the final paint color of choice.You can also install a hook or two on the side of the screen door pantry frame

Optionally, you can line the inside of the pantry screen with fabric. This can be another design accent to add to your room as well as hiding some of the pantry items inside.

Enjoy the added storage in your kitchen this small, but charming, door project gives!

By:  Rebecca
Published Apr 18, 2007

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