Lunchable Trivia

In the post, Are Lunchables Safe to Eat? food safety questions were answered. Now we get to the real fun, those burning questions that make great discussion at family dinners.

With no further ado, here are the answers to your most pressing Lunchable questions.

When did Lunchables stop using Oreos?

Lacking a press release, there seems to be no incentive to share with the public when Lunchables stopped using Oreos.

Based on website and social media response, Oreos were discontinued in Lunchables around August 2020.

The website Delish gives a review at that time, clearing showing a Turkey and American Cheese with Crackers that includes an Oreo. At that same time, Ross Tucker of the NFL on Twitter sends the message “Just had a near riot at lunch when kids realized they replaced @Oreo w/ “Chocolate Creme Cookie” in their @RealLunchables” on August 4, 2020.

Creme-filled-cookies in Luncheables.

Kraft-Heinz owns Lunchables, as printed on the back label. Vanilla + Cream and Chocolate + Cream cookies are included in Lunchables (not the Oreo product brand). Picture dated September 2022.

Oreo is owned by Mondelēz International (a subsidiary of Nabisco). Kraft Foods owned Oreo before splitting into two separate companies in 2012, according to Adage.

It is really quite maddening trying to keep up with acquisitions and which company owns which. The easiest way is to read the package who owns the product. Other clues: on the footer of, Kraft is mentioned. Strangely enough, Lunchables is not mentioned on the products list on the footer of the

The Kraft-Heinz website has a product locater that helps locate their products to purchase, where Lunchables shows up.  Kraft owns Velveeta and Oscar Mayer. Apparently, the Lunchable inclusion of Oreos continued after the split.

Currently, Luncheables do NOT have real Oreos.

Why do Lunchables have an odd number of crackers?

According to Deseret News, Kraft recalled Lunchables due to mislabeling of ingredients on the label in November of 2004. During that time, Kraft was catching an unhealthy reputation as a food source. Kraft discontinued the Maxed Out Lunchables in 2009, which were high in sodium and sodium and saturated fat – Mashed.

The mustard was likely removed from Lunchables when the Lunchables targeted to adults were removed from the market (Maxed Out Lunchables).

Lunchables have attempted to recraft the ingredients, by adding healthier products. Not all substitutes have been successful. The candy is still a big hit with the kids. Juice packs were made as a more healthy substitute for colas.

What happened to the red stick in Lunchables?

The red stick was removed from Lunchables in the early 2000s. Urban legend lays claim that it was removed due to budget cuts, choking hazards, or its relationship to drug use. Taste Made is the authority holding strong on to that date for posterity.

In conclusion

I doubt that this is not the end of drama surrounding America’s favorite snack pack. Generations of kids are growing up on Lunchables, with fond, nostalgic memories. Are you one of them!

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