Desk in the Pantry Ideas

There are some pantries that are made out of nooks and crannies - perfect places for pantry desks. Sometimes, desks are located near the pantry in a quiet corner of the kitchen. 

Pantry desks can hold receipts, cookbooks, loose recipes, or even be called into duty for a charging center for electronic devices. If the opportunity is there, consider a valuable desk nook for your organization needs.

A desk is at the helm in this pantry/desk combo. Although outside of the walk-in pantry, the desk has found a quiet spot with it's own view out a window. What a nice spot to figure out your next hot dish!

This desk is intentionally inside of the pantry domain. Any clutter is quickly contained by closing the pantry door.

This modest pantry desk adjoins a simple corner pantry. Both are sure to be big performers in service to the homeowner.

Another desk located near a pantry. In terms of kitchen layout, not all kitchens can afford an integrated pantry in the kitchen footprint. It only makes sense that a pantry and pantry desk are tucked away into a quieter nearby kitchen corner.

This pantry desk was elevated to its own private nook. Perhaps the homeowner needed more privacy and quiet further away from the kitchen. Either way, it is a beautiful detail that pairs nicely with the brick floor.

Most pantry desks have the common element of modesty. Often, there is just a simple stool provided, which hints that time spent won't be long. Maybe the resident is only taking a quick pantry inventory or writing down needed ingredients. Think of the activities and ways that you would use a pantry desk if you had one. Would you include cookbook storage?

This appears to be a large, walk-in pantry room (judging by the entry door in the right of the picture). This more substantial desk may be for working on household budgeting, as well as kitchen business.

This pantry desk showcases plenty of task lighting, storage for paperwork, a bulletin board, and a comfy chair. A pantry hutch above it provide room for cookbooks and small boxes with precious recipes.

I would call this a distraction-free pantry desk (or the owner detests clutter!). Consider your own desk habits when including a desk in or near a pantry. If you are not the tidiest person, an open access pantry may not be for you. 

This pantry could have also been designed for kids' homework, considering the workspace is generously-sized.

If you were wondering about a desk surface, consider this simple design. The chandelier, geometric ceiling pattern, and bright green cabinets are a clear indicator that you can have fun with a pantry decor.

This is not a true pantry desk, but included under "honorable mention." The unit of cabinets work together efficiently  to provide workspace, cookbook space, and a spot for TV viewing.

Notice the stepping down to desk level in this pantry. In addition, the pantry space is differentiated with a warm, wood top.

Looking past the china hutch, you can just see a desk sharing pantry space in the room beyond. The room is big enough so that the desk is a piece of furniture by itself. Many of the examples on the page have shown built-in desks, simply because of space limitations.

About the author 

Renee Matt

Renee is an Iowa farmwife with a background as a former kitchen designer. Supporting the family farm with hearty meals has been key to Renee's pantry readiness. She uses her professional IT background and expertise to bring the Everything Pantry website to life. Read more about this farmwife on her about page.

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