Too Pretty to Be a Scullery

Scullery Bush House Salem Oregon Gglen Bledsoe Flickr

This dreamy picture was uploaded by Glen Bledsoe, a gifted photographer on the Flickr platform. Glen used his photography skills to capture this charming historic scullery in the western United States. I was so enthralled with the picture, that I did some detective work. This space is referred to as the “dish pantry” of the Bush House Museum in … Read more

A Basement Pantry Root Cellar Alternative

more than one pantry in house

Art and Laura Matt feel lucky to have three pantries in their northeast Iowa home. The builder, Wisconsin Homes, helped the Matt’s customize their pre-built home.  The star of this multi-pantry house is really the basement pantry root cellar alternative. On this pantry tour, view a traditional corner pantry in the kitchen, a nearby appliance pantry, … Read more

1970s Small Pantry Makeover

1970s pantry makeover

Is a small pantry makeover in your future? This DIY pantry makeover includes new paint, pantry wallpaper, wall decor, and new pantry organizers. The ho-hum little space now has a punch of sophisticated personality when a user opens the pantry door. If you want an in-depth look at how pantry organizers improved using deep pantry … Read more