Pantries With Barn Doors

barn doors for closets

Rustic. That’s what comes to mind when someone thinks of a barn style door. You might think a barn door is a barn door, but the “door” is wide open for style variations of this traditional rustic door style. Before you finalize your barn door choice, have a look at these options. We may just … Read more

The Obsession With Pantry Words

pantry word FI

A glass pantry door is always a special highlight to any kitchen. Where did the obsession of etching the words “PANTRY” on a door come from? Let’s explore the popular pantry trend and the history of etching words onto glass. The history of pantry door glass, or lack of it I suspect if you are … Read more

13 Unique Pantry Door Ideas

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It’s fun to look for pantry door ideas that will give your kitchen a unique design touch. There are so many beautiful and creative pantry door ideas to offer inspiration. Most pantry owners install a purchased pantry door. Determined DIY folks might decide to build or customize a door themselves, or try to improve the … Read more

Answers to Pantry Door Questions

kitchen pantry door questions

It’s inevitable. At some point in your pantry journey, you are going to have a pantry door question. This article tackles your most common questions. General pantry door questions Should a pantry have a door? It is not necessary for a pantry to have a door. The pantry owner can determine if they want to access … Read more