Perfect Pantry Shelf Depth and Height

pantry shelves depth height

Good day, pantry enthusiasts! Are you evaluating your food storage space right now, trying to make space decisions? Let’s see if we can help. Below are the shelving averages to keep in mind when working with pantry shelving spacing. standard pantry shelves come in depths of 12″ and 16″ deep an average spacing of shelves … Read more

Wood or Wire Pantry Shelving, Which is Better?

wire shelves vs wood shelves pantry

A top question pantry owners want to know is, “Which is better, wood or wire pantry shelving?” Wood pantry shelving is preferred by homeowners and perceived as the best pantry shelf type.  They are desired because of durability, attractiveness and practicality. Choosing between wood or wire pantry shelving is a personal choice. However, wire shelving … Read more

Plan a Pantry Shelf: Food Size Charts

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Planning a pantry shelf involves knowing the sizes of the food to be stored. In this sortable chart, you can quickly determine foods that can be stored together according to size. Average widths and heights of common pantry goods The chart below shows common measurements of most items you would store in your pantry. It quickly … Read more