Hidden Pantry Ideas

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A hidden pantry is made to blend in with the rest of the kitchen cabinets. If done well, guests will be shocked to see a whole closet hiding behind an innocent-looking cabinet door. It’s a good trick, but it does more than that. Hidden pantries can balloon out to larger rooms – rooms that never … Read more

Built-In Pantry Cabinets For Your Kitchen

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Pantry cabinets can get as fancy as you need them to be. Watch out – there can be some serious Swiss Army action happening in a swinging, fold-out pantry cabinet. Built-in pantry cabinets are a cousin to baking cabinets featured in the “Baking Station Cabinets” article. Pantry cabinets details Some people may refer to a pantry … Read more

Sizing Up Pantry Cabinets

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Pantry cabinets are built as freestanding furniture or part of a design line of kitchen cabinet sets. This article focuses on kitchen cabinet collections. You will get a better understanding of pantry dimensions and have your common questions answered. Included is a chart of common pantry cabinet sizes. Pantry cabinet standard sizes Kitchen cabinets in the … Read more

5 Base Corner Cabinet Options

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Corners are difficult challenges in kitchens and pantries. Frustrated home owners, clever carpenters and dedicated designers, have come up with wonderful solutions to make them more functional. A blind corner pantry or a blind corner cabinet refers to a corner that you can’t access well in a kitchen cabinet layout plan – it’s hidden. Blind … Read more

Pantry Cabinets With Charm

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I first fell in love with pantry cabinets when I opened a magazine and saw Martha Stewart’s baking pantry. The armoire was attractively decked out in copper pots, pottery, a mixer, and utensils. Who could ever close the door of such organization bliss? A freestanding kitchen pantry (or cupboard) is a piece of furniture just … Read more