The Iowa “Hearty Party” Sandwich

Iowa hearty party sandwich featured

Have you ever searched for the perfect sandwich recipe that looked good, tasted delicious, was easy to make ahead, and could easily be scaled to feed a crowd? Welcome to the Iowa “Hearty Party” Sandwich. This little mini-sub works for all types of events and celebrations. These easy sandwiches are simple to put together and … Read more

The Art of Packing Lunch

healthy packed lunch

Packing your own lunch for work or school is a great way to save money on food. Considering that a lunch can cost $7-$12 these days, you could easily spend $60 a week if you ate out Monday-Friday (and that’s not counting coffee or afternoon treats). If you’ve decided it’s time to pack your own … Read more

Dinner Ideas for Unexpected Guests

unexpected dinner guests

Did you always want to be that cook who is ready for unexpected guests? It’s not such an impossible feat. With our ideas, you can magically lay out beautiful meals at a moment’s notice. Where I live, being ready for guests comes naturally. “Stay for dinner!” is a common invitation when visits linger a little … Read more