Charcuterie Board Hacks

beginner charcuterie board tips

Are you jumping on the charcuterie board bandwagon? Never has there been such a hot social gathering event as a party that includes a charcuterie board. As a newbie (or wannabee) charcuterie board owner, a few questions will arise. Find topics covered below for care and cleaning of your charcuterie board, hacks for board presentation, … Read more

Care and Cleaning of Neoprene Lunch Bags

washing Neoprene lunch bag 1

Washing and cleaning Neoprene lunch bags is not that different from other Neoprene products (such as Neoprene wine or bottle bags). This article covers common questions regarding Neoprene, such as using a washing machine to clean the fabric, and how to remove odors, stains, and mold spots. A few special techniques will keep your Neoprene … Read more