The Charm of Pantry Windows

pantry windows

There is a great debate among pantry enthusiasts, “do you need  a pantry window or do you want a pantry window?” Pantry windows have a romantic feel about them, something simple and nostalgic. Pantry windows recall days without air conditioning, when open windows invited breezes in, gently fluttering the curtains. Our psyche craves the closeness to nature that … Read more

Desk in the Pantry Ideas

desk in pantry

There are some pantries that are made out of nooks and crannies – perfect places for pantry desks. Sometimes, desks are located near the pantry in a quiet corner of the kitchen. Pantry desks can hold receipts, cookbooks, loose recipes, or even be called into duty for a charging center for electronic devices. If the … Read more

21 Pantry Ladder Ideas

library ladder in kitchen 4

Get to that top shelf with ease using a rolling pantry or kitchen rolling ladder. More commonly known as “library ladders” – named for ladders used in libraries for the assistance of reaching tall bookshelves – they have become a more frequent feature in new homes with taller ceilings. There are many details and planning … Read more

Pantry Countertop Ideas

pantry countertop

Who couldn’t use a little drop spot in the pantry to set things down? A countertop in the pantry can aid with putting groceries away, provide a home to a small appliance, or even be big enough for a task center. Every single example on this page has one thing in common: shallow countertops. In … Read more