Battling Brown Spots On Ceilings and Walls

brown spots on paint FI 1

Are brown spots showing up in your DIY projects, or in your home? You’re not alone. When I painted over my pantry shelves, I ran into brown spot issues. I realized that there are often brown spot issues throughout the home including brown spots on ceilings and walls, water stains, even furniture. All have different sources. Could … Read more

Pantry Pre-Painting Checklist

woman painting pantry room

Nothing transforms a pantry like painting.  Use the checklist below to prepare yourself for your next painting project. For complete list of details, visit, 6 Steps to Take Before Painting Shelves If you’re still needing more help,  check out  “Collection of Cheat Sheets for Home Painting Projects.” The first thing to do is dream about your … Read more

Motivational Painting Advice

renee basement painting supplies

It’s amazing what I learned by painting a pantry closet.  There were so many project details that never occurred to me.  I worked through the challenges and became more knowledgeable. Anyone can stay motivated to paint a room or pantry shelves if they are prepared for the challenges in front of them. Be sure to stay … Read more