Plastic Etiquette in Dishwasher

plastic food containers from grocery store

Dishwashers bring convenience to a household, if used wisely. In the last decades, greater knowledge has been gained about chemicals in plastic, and the toxic affects of leaching out due to high water temperatures when washing in a dishwasher. Manufacturers of food containers have made efforts to remove BPA from plastics, the chemical of concern. … Read more

Can My Good Dishes Go in the Dishwasher?

putting fine china crystal pottery in dishwasher

“Good dishes” can be crystal and fine china, silverware, treasured stoneware, pewter, or other dishes that is used only for special occasions. Many of us do not give a thought to tossing everything into our dishwashers, including our finer dishware. Dishwashers are not the perfect kitchen appliance we think they are. For our best dishes, … Read more

Plan a Pantry Shelf: Food Size Charts

can size measurements

Planning a pantry shelf involves knowing the sizes of the food to be stored. In this sortable chart, you can quickly determine foods that can be stored together according to size. Average widths and heights of common pantry goods The chart below shows common measurements of most items you would store in your pantry. It quickly … Read more

Should I Put a Refrigerator in the Pantry?

refrigerator in pantry FI3

Major appliances in your pantry can generate heat, require extra space, cost more, and require special electrical needs.  It’s not just refrigerators and freezers in the pantry that can create problems, small appliances have their own issues.  Here’s the information you need to plan with common sense, safety, ergonomics, and budget in mind. Read on to … Read more

Using Other Cleaning Products in a Dishwasher

alternative dishwasher cleaning products

There are several reasons a consumer would need to use a dishwashing detergent alternative. Mold, mildew, and smell are some reasons that demand different cleaning strategies. Battling hard water is another one. Then there is the scenario of just plain accidentally running out of detergent. What’s a person to do then? No worries, several options … Read more