10 Best Light for Pantry: Top 10 Picks in 2023

Lighting is a critical aspect of kitchen design. Not only does it provide the necessary illumination for cooking and cleaning up after meals, but it also adds an ambiance to the room that can be tailored to your tastes. In particular, the best light for the pantry is especially important for creating an organized and efficient kitchen.

By carefully selecting the right lighting for your pantry, you can ensure that it serves its purpose as an efficient storage space and truly complements the style of your kitchen.



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Under-Counter Fixture Mounting LED Closet Light

VyanLight Motion Sensor LED Lights

LEPOTEC 30-LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light

WOBANE Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

GE Wireless LED Puck Lights

10 Best Light for Pantry Reviews

1. Under-Counter Fixture Mounting LED Closet Light

Under-Counter Fixture Mounting LED Closet Light

These Under-Counter Fixture Mounting LED Closet Lights are the perfect way to light up dark spaces! Super bright with 150LM and energy saving LEDs, this 3 light set will never leave you stumbling in the dark. The passive infrared technology (PIR) allows for motion sensing capabilities and auto turns on in the dark or daytime. With a sensor range of 120°,10ft/3m, and an auto-off after 20s if no movement is detected, these lights are incredibly efficient!

Plus, they come with a remote control that allows for two levels of adjustable brightness and four cycle modes which can be adjusted by either pressing the button on the light or using the remote control. This includes Night Mode (Blue indicator light flash 1s), Day Mode (Red indicator light flash 1s), Always On Mode (Red & Blue indicator light flash 1s), and On/Off mode.

Installation is easy with both built-in strong magnetic options that can be adsorbed directly onto any iron product or installed by magnetic strip (included). No hard wiring or tools required. Additionally, no AAA batteries are needed as these lights can be charged by USB cable when it runs out of power.

These motion activated lights for kitchen are perfect for many different applications such as kitchen, bedroom, closet, cabinet, workshop, garage, stairwell etc.

Plus we provide Lifetime Warranty for FREE so you can shop with confidence knowing that your purchase is secure. Get ready to experience better life with better lighting now.


2. VyanLight Motion Sensor LED Lights

VyanLight Motion Sensor LED Lights

Add elegance and technology to your home with VyanLight Motion Sensor LED Lights. Our motion-activated LED lights are the perfect solution for compact spaces and dark corners. This closet light features Passive Infrared Technology (PIR) that will detect human motion in the dark and turn on automatically. It also has a 9-foot sensor range for maximum convenience, allowing it to switch off after 20 seconds without motion or when other light sources are detected.

Easily install the VyanLight Motion Sensor LED Lights with no tools, screws, or nuts required. The under-cabinet light bar is powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included). The 7.5″ x 1.2″ LED bar comes with a magnetic strip and an adhesive backing for easy peel and stick installation on any dry, clean, and flat surface. Plus, the built-in daylight sensor ensures a long battery life be not turning on when other light sources are detected.

The multi-purpose wardrobe-led light includes 10 high-quality LED lights to provide bright lighting in any dark environment – from the kitchen to pantry, hallway to closets, drawers to attics and basements, kid’s room to cupboard storage room and garage! Durably made using high-quality materials that won’t bend or corrode over time, this motion sensor night light is a must have for your home.


3. LEPOTEC 30-LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light

LEPOTEC 30-LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light

The LEPOTEC 30-LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light is the perfect addition to your home. Our upgraded design and production process features thirty LED lamp beads that emit a bright, soft light with a brightness of up to 200 lumens, but without glare. This usb rechargeable cabinet light is made of aluminum alloy for durability and also features a built-in magnet so it can easily stick onto any ironwork surface. You can also use the included adhesive tape to attach it to any non-iron article surface.

This multifunctional closet light has three different working modes – On, Off, and Motion Sensor mode – so you can use it as a regular nightlight or as a motion sensor light that automatically shuts off after 20 seconds of no movement. It’s powered by a 1000mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery that is easily charged via the included USB cable. After being fully charged, this wireless under cabinet lighting can last for up to 3 hours in “On” mode and 2-4 weeks in “Motion Sensor” mode (with 10 activations per day).

The LEPOTEC 30-LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light is ideal for any room in your house such as bedrooms, baby rooms, closets, corridors, workshops, basements, garages, stairwells and pantries. We are confident you’ll love our product and offer a two-year quality assurance guarantee so please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts.


4. WOBANE Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

WOBANE Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

The WOBANE Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting is the perfect way to upgrade any kitchen, closet, desk, TV back, bookshelf, bed, wardrobe, cupboard, counter or display case. With six pre-cut strips totaling 9.8 feet and plenty of connection options, this powerful lighting system will make your home shine brighter than ever.

These super bright LED cabinet lights provide 1500 lumens of light with a CRI 82. The included RF dimmer makes it easy to adjust the brightness for different settings and tasks. And with the 17-key RF remote you can control the lights from up to 60 feet away with ease – you can even set a timer and have them turn off automatically!

Installation is made simple too – all accessories are included so you don’t need any tools or screws. Just use the strong adhesive tape to secure the lighting strips in place and connect them in minutes – no professional help required! With its low voltage operation and heat output, this reliable kit is both safe and efficient – perfect for any home or office space.


5. GE Wireless LED Puck Lights

GE Wireless LED Puck Lights

Bring light to any space in your home with this 2-pack of GE Wireless LED Puck Lights! Perfect for getting just the right amount of illumination in closets, pantries, laundry rooms, work areas, garages, workbenches, bookshelves, and much more. With a touch of your finger you can easily turn these lights on or off – no need to ever search for a button again.

The 20 lumen LED bulbs are long-lasting and cool-to-the-touch while also being energy efficient. Each puck light operates on 3 AAA batteries (not included). Installation hardware and instructions are included for an easy wall mount setup. For added peace of mind, this product comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


6. TOOWELL Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

TOOWELL Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

The TOOWELL Motion Sensor Ceiling Light is an ideal choice for indoor lighting! The built-in PIR infrared motion detector has a wide angle of detection with up to 20 feet of range, turning on instantly when motion is detected. Super bright and energy efficient, it boasts 80 pcs SMD2835 LEDs with a 400 Lumens output and 6000K color temperature. The frosted lamp cover diffuses light evenly in all directions, providing 300sqft of coverage without glaring or uncomfortable eyes.

This battery-powered LED light is the perfect complement to traditional ceiling fixtures – no wiring required! Installation is quick and easy, taking less than 5 minutes. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind. It’s perfect for closets, pantries, stairways, sheds, porches and storage rooms – any area that needs extra lighting but lacks access to electrical outlets.

Experience the convenience and safety of TOOWELL Motion Sensor Ceiling Light today! You can choose between DAYLIGHT and NIGHT modes: when set to Daylight mode the light will stay on all day long; when set to Night mode it will only be activated at night before automatically turning off after 20 seconds. And with 4 D-cell batteries (not included) you’ll get more than 6 months of light on one set of batteries. Make the brighter choice today.


7. PRIORARE Motion Sensor Led Under Cabinet Lighting

PRIORARE Motion Sensor Led Under Cabinet Lighting

The PRIORARE Motion Sensor Led Under Cabinet Lighting is the perfect addition to your home. Our ultra-thin design is only 0.39 inches thick, and contains 30 LED lights that provide up to 180 lumens of bright, gentle, and flicker-free lighting. The motion sensor mode will automatically turn on the under cabinet light when it detects movement in the dark or night within 10 feet, and will turn off if no movement is detected.

You can stick it on any iron surface with its built-in magnet for easy installation and removal for charging. And our powerful 1000mAh rechargeable battery will last up to 5 hours on always-on mode or 1-2 months on motion sensor mode with just 1-2 hours of charging from a USB port, laptop, or power bank.

At PRIORARE we guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction with our led cabinet lighting. If you have any questions after receiving or using the light, please feel free to contact us and we will reply within 12 hours! Trust in the quality and convenience of PRIORARE Motion Sensor Led Under Cabinet Lighting for all your needs.


8. EZVALO LED Closet Light

EZVALO LED Closet Light

The EZVALO LED Closet Light is the perfect light solution for dark corners of your home. With its high-capacity 1500mAh rechargeable battery, it can last up to 90 days in auto mode or up to 33 hours of constant lighting. Moreover, the detachable design makes recharging more convenient.

Its ultra-thin anodized aluminum body is only 10mm thick, and integrated magnets allow it to securely attach to mounting strips or any magnetic metal surface. The motion sensor automatically turns on the under cabinet lighting when movement is detected within a 10 ft / 120° range and the daylight sensor detects when there is still enough daylight so that the led closet light does not turn on until you need them.

For added convenience and control, this closet light also has 3 cycle modes – Auto Mode for general purposes, Always-On (double tap) for emergency situations and Always-Off mode (triple tap) to keep it shut – as well as touch control and dimming functions. The Auto-On Mode turns off every 30 minutes to prevent unintentional power consumption. Plus, you can reset the under cabinet lights to Auto mode any time with a single tap.


9. Youtob Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light

Youtob Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light

The Youtob Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light is the perfect addition to any home. With motion activation, it will turn on automatically when you come within 9-16 feet and off after 30 seconds when motion stops for your convenience. It also has two modes available – DAYLIGHT mode works in the day and night, while NIGHT sensor mode will not light up during the day, making this light perfect for outdoor applications. Plus, with an easy installation process and all mounting hardware included, you’ll be ready to go in no time!

Plus, this LED ceiling light provides 1200lm of comfortable brightness and 4000k color temperature to make sure you never stumble in the dark. And energy saving technology ensures that you can save up to 85% electricity compared to traditional 100 Watt fluorescent tube lighting systems. And with a lifespan of over 30,000 hours, you won’t have to worry about frequent replacements either!

For added peace of mind, Youtob provides an 18 MONTH WARRANTY on their products so you can shop confidently knowing that your purchase is protected. Get your life more convenient with Youtob’s Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light today.


10. Yurnero Battery Powered Ceiling Light

Yurnero Battery Powered Ceiling Light

The Yurnero Battery Powered Ceiling Light is the perfect lighting solution for dark areas such as closets, stairs, storage rooms, basements, hallways, sheds, laundry rooms and bathrooms. With its built-in PIR infrared motion detector and 80 LEDs, it can detect motion from up to 18ft away in dark ambient and instantly turn on with 400 lumens of light at 6000K color temperature.

What’s more? It features two modes – ON or OFF – for the photocell sensor so you can keep your lights off during the day and only activate them when necessary at night. Plus, you don’t have to worry about power wastage since it will automatically turn off after 20 seconds when no motion is detected.

Powered by 4 D-cell batteries (not included), this battery operated ceiling light uses energy-saving design to make the most of your batteries – if it’s activated 10 times per day, it can last for 360 days! Installation is easy too – no wires are required!

For added peace of mind, Yurnero also provides a 3 year warranty along with return/exchange service. So if you’re looking for an efficient way to illuminate dark areas around your home or office, get the Yurnero Battery Powered Ceiling Light today.

Buying Guide: What to Look for Before Buying the Best Light for Pantry

When it comes to ensuring that your pantry is properly lit, finding the right light can be difficult. There are several factors to consider when buying a light for your pantry, including the size of the pantry, the amount of illumination needed, and the type of light that will be used. This guide will provide tips and considerations for choosing the best light for your pantry needs.

Size of Pantry

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a light for your pantry is the size of the pantry itself. Take measurements and determine which size of the light will be the best fit. If the size of the light is too small, it may not adequately light up your pantry. On the other hand, if you select a light that is too large, you may end up with a cluttered look.

Amount of Illumination Needed

The next factor to consider is how much illumination you desire for your pantry. Many pantry lights are available in bright white and cool white light, which provide a more natural light tone. Alternatively, some pantry lights offer warm white lights, resulting in a subtle and natural illumination ideal for smaller pantries. Additionally, the brightness of the light should be considered. LED lights are a popular option due to their high efficiency and low power consumption.

Type of Lighting

When selecting the type of light for your pantry, it is important to consider the look and feel that the light will produce. There are several types of light fixtures available, ranging from track lighting to motion sensitive lighting. Depending on your pantry and the light that you decide to use, there are a variety of different lighting designs available to choose from.

People Also Asked

1. What should I consider when choosing a light for my pantry?

When selecting a light for a pantry, you should consider the size and layout of the space, what wattage you need for the fixture, and the type of lighting you prefer.

2. What type of light is best for a pantry?

Depending on your preferences, you may want to consider LED strips, ceiling-mounted lights, or recessed lighting for a pantry.

3. How do I know what wattage to choose for my pantry light?

Depending on the size of your pantry, you should choose a wattage that is bright enough to light the entire space efficiently.

4. Are there different types of pantry lights available?

Yes. There are several types of pantry lights available, including LED strips, ceiling-mounted lights, and recessed lighting. You can also choose between single and multi-bulb fixtures.

5. How do I install a pantry light?

Installation depends on the type of light you choose. Different lighting fixtures have different installation requirements. It’s best to consult with a professional electrician for help installing your pantry light.


Choosing the right light for your pantry can be a challenge. This guide has outlined the considerations for selecting the best light for your pantry, ensuring that you are able to find a light that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. With the correct light, you can be sure that your pantry will be properly illuminated and ready for use.

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