Hi! My name is Renee Matt and I'm a farmwife in northeast Iowa. Food is important to my family. I believe in self-sufficiency and knowing how to grow my own food. I'm lucky to benefit from generations of wisdom covering gardening, food preservation and storage, and practical Iowa common sense.  

I bring my love for the home arts and kitchen design experience to the Everything Pantry website.  Myself, along with my husband, Rick, have multiple remodeling projects under our DIY belts.  Together, we have hosted dozens of hearty meals around our kitchen table surrounded by family and friends. 

I'm glad you're here, because it means that food and home are important to you, too. Thank you for spending time with me and welcome to the website! If you're interested in hearing  a spin on what a farmwife from Iowa (who likes to design things) has to say, please join my newsletter.

Hear about my newest thoughts going on in the farmhouse, my challenge to everyone to eat up what's in the pantry, and some cheering for those thick in home remodeling projects.

Reach me on my contact page here.

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Renee Matt, editor of EverythingPantry.com

Renee Matt, editor of EverythingPantry.com

My professional background

I've always had the do-it-yourself bug in me. Growing up I dabbled in arts and crafts, sewing, and helping mom can tomatoes from the garden. I remember babysitting for neighbors- after the kids fell asleep, I would redesign their farmhouses in my head! As a teenager, I repainted my own bedroom, did small home improvement projects, and refinished furniture.

Not surprisingly, I attended Iowa State University's School of Design to major in the interior design program. The required kitchen and bath design programs and lighting classes lived over in the ISU Family and Consumer Sciences College. I soon discovered that practical design principals was my wheelhouse.

I enjoyed an internship with a kitchen design firm in Ames, and then found an opening as a kitchen designer upon graduation. Although I had been exposed to the beginning of CAD design software, my kitchen drawings and perspectives were all drawn by hand. When I started a family, it was time for me to move on to being a farmwife and mother full time. The honest truth is, my most design-inspired clients were the ones who knew their way around a kitchen, and I was about to become one of them.

Along the way, I grew with technology, keeping my skills up. I learned about website design and coding and was soon creating small websites for local businesses. One of those businesses ended up hiring me and I stumbled into the nonprofit world. Here, I grew my skills the most. Only at a nonprofit can one be tech support and the graphic designer at the same time!

It was my love for home design that continued to pull me back and I started Everything Pantry in 2007. I absolutely love to write about good design and house ideas. I'm having a ball getting to share all of this with you!


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